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Friday, November 4, 2011

m a g . f e a t u r e d - Mr. Atan

its my hobby....reading car magazine for free....hehehe
while flipping My.Rides Magazine last night at Shah Alam Mall....
quite surprise as my friend Mr Atan ride was featured this month
its Toyota Starlet EP70 '85 from my previous post > project - anas - L2 - Ass
 this cool pickup own by Ah Pau as Cover Car...the attention to detail is superb 
previously bump this car during OMG 2011 @ Port Dickson > Report : Oh - My - God 2011
 here Mr Atan Car
Big Fan of that cool green pick-up
it featured cool cars this month....go get your the way
my wife sweet-pink compact camera broke
after 4yrs service..trouble with the lense AF
it serve me very well...90% of this blog pic been update from this camera
love it mobile to now...i'm temporarily on my dad Sony Compact Camera