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Monday, November 21, 2011

Klasik : Fast & Furious

gotta find this movie....pure classics

The Fast and the Furious (1954)
This Roger Corman movie starred John Ireland and Dorothy Malone. Ireland plays a truck driver who is on-the-lamb after breaking out of jail when he was wrongly framed for murder in a highway accident. He coincidentally crosses paths with Malone, who is taking her Jaguar XJ-150 to the big California-to-Mexico sports car race. What she is doing with the Jag in the first place, and why she is headed to the races is never fully explained, but nevermind. Ireland finds a great hiding place by kidnapping Malone and her wheels. He finds out she is headed for the big race and decides that if he entered the race this would be a great way for him to escape to Mexico and freedom. After all, who would notice him at the racetrack...other than the 50,000 spectators, I mean!?!? Naturally, the cops eventually discover he is the driver of the Jag, and the chase is on. Can he make it to the Mexican border and freedom? Can Malone convince him to turn himself in and clear his name? ......

The racing scenes appear to have been filmed at Monterey and shows all of the race cars of the day (Jaguar, Triumph, Ferrari, Nash-Healy, etc.). Notice the early days of the Monterey Concours D'Elegance being conducted as an adjunct to the races. This is a great little flic.

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