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all DIY work in pending mOde...diggin 4 pics in my library

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

  this is freakin me out....monkey bike in Cafe Racer style
Honda CT70 Dax '77 @

ferrari wannabe

somethin from my previous post wrongly-fit << click
came acrosss this cool shot on 
......i'm speechless....this is super-dOpe

Pornstar - Ford

bad internet connection last few days.....
decided to share few pOrn from my blog-list 
started with Car Feature from Speedhunters

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

status - re-start

manage to free myself last weekend 13th August 2011
lucky Mr Wahab accompany me that morning....while his wife gone to the office
we went to a workshop in Glenmarie to collect the some parts for my kancil....
after settle with that...helping Mr Wahab change the brake-pad & headlamp bulb

my dad joining to start the mini....
pulled of the remove ol'gas...and give it new coat of paint
after 2years....the car back on the few issues on the carburetor...
with few round around the block....went for refill....
move it to other garage....leave to my tackle the carburetor
and me...??...concentrate with the new battery on...time to service the radiator & thermostat
it overheat last time i drive it...then i'm goin to change the clutch plate & air-cond

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Project - BluSam Aug '11

last Saturday on 7th August 2011...taking Project BluSam MiniWorks for check-up as i'm delivering the car on Sunday...after all service done...found out the air-cond compressor been jam...not because of to find other compressor then....while driving back to Shah Alam from Segambut...realise that the car overheat...luckily Shell petrolstation nearby for my stop and check...bad news as i opened the hood/bonnet....the fan belt snap while testing the jam compressor...Mr Sam to the stranded from 1.30 to 5 o'clock...due to Fan Belt And distributor problem
sunday morning....i'm changing the rim to 12inch Rover alloys
the ol' 13inch rim setup got clearance issues...
the super-thick wheel spacer
 last minute make-up...add up black stripe on hood...just to cover the dead paint
3.30pm...sent it to owner
with few extra spaces @ HanGaraj...time to concentrate rebuild the mini for 3 state run after raya


the wrOngly-fit trend become worse this year....i'm so want it....
the mix of part from different car maker...head on to Speedhunters for M.I.V.W '11 report << click

VW + Lamborghini shOes complete with & brake kit
not only the wheels & brake kit....the red coat replicate this Golf from Ferrari
ol'skool Golf is not left out....complete steel bumper Mk1 rollin on polishes Porsche splitties 

Report : Saturday Night Fever - Rd 5

too much delayed post from HanGaraj...
here pic-report for Saturday Night Fever (Round 5) on 30th July 2011
i'm just gonna post to lazy to write anythin today
our man Mr Landy << click
my ol' fren....swifter....sadly..manan car..break loose on the timing belt on 2nd round