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Thursday, September 29, 2011

c h i l l @ m i n i w o r k s

went to MINIWORKS yesterday after office...
it seems everyone is busy preparing for the 3-State-Run diz weekend on 2nd October
 next project....will be full coverage from HanGaraj...waiting for approval
just completed with the details....soon this sprint will be delivered

m o d e l s c i e n t i s t s

discover this cool blog for custom car model...superb detailing

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

T h e . B u l l i t

While flippin thru old mag last weekend...came across this BULLIT...BRABUS is one of my favorite tuner for Benz compared to other Benz tuner....the high level of styling...attention to detail deserved my respect...its a well build package of motorsport & luxury...
The 2008 Brabus Bullit is based on a C-Class.  The mean gangster look really mean business and threatening MPower clan. The power plant of 6.3-liter V12, dohc, 48-valve, turbocharged and intercooled churn out impressively 730 hp at 5100 rpm, which hit 187.5mph in 24.5 seconds. That is 8.5 seconds faster than the Porsche GT2...!!

The new wider front fenders were extended the car's width by 1.2 inches per side hand-formed from sheet aluminum by an in-house craftsman to accommodate 9.5x19 and 10x19 Brabus Monoblock S wheels. The braking line been improved balance out the 730hp plus 4180 pounds of weighs by using Alcon-made 15-inch slotted, vented discs with 12-piston callipers in front and 14-inch rear discs with six-piston callipers. 

Super lightweight materials were use where possible helps to even things out. From front bumper, spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper, underbody diffuser and three-piece rear trunk spoiler all  in 100% carbon fiber.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rides - Suzuki Swift '91

here the short of my ex-wife...a Suzuki Swift '91
been using it for 3years since 2004 while doing my Degree
its a replacement for my mini which been daily abused for 3years
all i need is cheap 4door Jap car...which i have few option in my mind at that time either
a Suzuki Swift...Toyota Starlet...Daihatsu Charade
while lookin for the good condition daily-thrash car one my dad fren is lettin go his wife car...a standard Suzuki Swift 1.0cc...
consider it a bargain for me RM4,000 in 2007 for an accident free car....
with the car keys changin journey began
small facelift been done to the car...convert it to GTi look including the heart transplant
its the interior that i left to convert...
at that time..CULTUS set is rare..little bit pricey for me as student..using the ET seat till i sold the car....
thats where funny things happen...which i came across 1 pair Cultus seat a month after i sold this car...
i ended buying it for the ESCUDO project
here few memories of trouble & glitches along the way
i even rolled on few rims while using for the car....these SSR 3pc splitties are my favourite
trial mode with the 
staggered 2pc-splitties Black Racing & 2pc Advan Rims
the final rim...before i let-go the car...Sprint Hart CF
a lot of memories with this car......really miss it

Teh.Tarik.Session - Swift

after dealing with the Project-Saga.Izzy...having a late night Teh.Tarik.Session with ol'Swifter Clan
am having an urge to buy back ol'swift for myself...its one the best car i own
 next sunday morning...headed to Bukit.Tinggi, Klang to my sister house for breakfast
bump this 7series in DONK mode
on the way back.....
drop by this closed shop...believe its classic car restorer shop
spot this Rolls.Royce standing infront of the shops with a halfcut
 i've got nothin to do in the planned on last night TT session
planned to check this Red.Suzuki.Swift...breakdown since SNF Rd.6 for snapped timing belt
 suspected for bent valves...lost compression...Top Overhaul on next To-Do list
.....will be continued on next episode of The Red Swifter

Project - S a G a - I z z Y

last weekend activity was packed attending openhouse &
and.....i miss coverage for GRA & Autoshow...
started my early saturday morning shopping for new wheels for my fren Izzy
need to update the look...from the steelies to alloy wheels
we went to Klang...and after 3shops...finalise option for this two
not a big fan of cheap.copy wheels...but limited student budget we need to roll in style
settled with the funky-orange wheels...classic look with polished lips
its a fake SPARCO wheel ...a staggered set sizing
Front - 15in x 7in Wide x ET40
Rear - 15in x 7.5in Wide x ET35
need to use 1/2inch spacer for clearance for front & rear...we're changing the brake.pad as well
while waiting for the rim to be installed...snap some car pics around the shop
most of it own by the shop staff
includin this Honda Civic EK9
other interestin car rolled in for fresh rubber
 here the final look...we need to lower the front...too much
the rear arch need to rolled for clearance issue