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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

M o t o r S h o p

after office yesterday...visit this MotorShop @ TTDI,Jaya
had few chat with the mechanic Mr.Kumar about my bike problem as the idle playin funny this week
while chat...he check the bike...and said the prob is from carburetor...its common problem for Jaguh
he suggest to dump this carb and mod to Kawasaki Motorcross Carb..
cost around RM240..and its 1 day job
with this carb...he said i will get better response and its easier to maintain
well...i have to maintain the original gonna ask few shop
if FAIL...will go for the Plan B....mod the carb..!! 

TheStore14 Haul

12.24am...thanx to Mr Saruman...after reading his Blog free time hunt begin
 i decided to do some small collection of variation...while waiting for next wave
came across these car so many habit...i'll buy that later
till today while @ TheStore PAS with my wife
take this 3 babe...for threesOme action

'09 Audi TTS (T4411-0720)

Audi R8 - Sports Car (15 of 100)

among these 3...this the one i treasure most today

Volkswagen Golf V GTi - Metro Rides (28 of 100)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awie admitted for bypass operation last nite

11.31am...just back from some update
spend some good quality together with Awie last nite

Project : Change Ignition Switch  

some detail on the ignition switch...same brand as the old one

process involve...only 1 Allen Key  to the bracket...and disconnect the terminal hidden behind horn

the package include fuel cap...good bargain...existing fuel cap had bent keys and worn rubber seal
hold by 2 simple screws

super nice chrome fuel cap

key to battery panel also included...installation?..just remove one large plastic nut

fail to changed this...need sifu to teach me how to changed the handle lock

and i still wonder what is this key lock it for front discbrake....??

by 12.30am...i'm done with 2 confussing lock/key to install

Monday, May 24, 2010

Awie Pergi Klinik Amik Ubat

shopping @ Sentul, Kuala Lumpur advice by my fellow bikers...went to this shop
the boss (siong) was to do some nego although this is my 1st time buy parts a this shop

got this ignition switch price RM60....price tag RM78

here the set included in the and good my bike need all this parts

for my safety...grab this Glove...Alpinestar...price price RM75....price tag RM95
choose this because Palm Pad compared to GIVI just plain and more expensive RM95

as we live in tropical country....grab this Rain Coat..GIVI (XL size)...
price price RM85....price tag RM123

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Giant13 Haul

9.24pm....Boring mood checking some spot for new wave in my town
finding...nOne...Tesco Xtra waiting for restock...about 20car left on rack
while Giant 13...same HW Old Boring Wave....but got this babe

Volkswagen Type 181 - Jungle Explorers (98 of 100)

pretty sweet for my collection...quite surprise Matchbox increased to rm7

7e Haul

12.53am...after catchin up Shrek 3rd @ summit....went to check out new 7e in tOwn
quite happy...although its not for me...Mr.Ajim will be crying for diz babe

Ghostbusters ECTO-1 027/214

 just a little surprise for him either he check my blog or not

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awie Demam Panas a rush last week...failed to find time to add notes for this post
it start i receive fresh B Full 'L' License from my agent on sunday 16thMay2010
with my NotSoBraveHeart...1st time in my life...on 17thmay2010 (Monday)
..i rode the bike out of ShahAlam..!! work..!!...
scared + panic@disco + Awie feel...all the way to the office
a bit tricky to manouvre in traffic jam @ Brickfields....
to make everthing look sweet....after office..i rode the bike in heavy rain....
no problem for me other than wet...the bike perform at its best...manage to get back in one piece...
but on the next morning....18may2010 (Tuesday)...BadLuck catching me up
1st the bike can't start...all power ZERO....decided to take my EscudO to work...but..
the EscudO also refuse to cooporate...engine overheat as i pass Quality great
with this two signs try to stop me from working that day...EL is the only answer for the day
after resting from migrain....had my lunch with my crew...
luckly find some time to checked the bike...
maybe the bike can't stand the sudden abuse....there's flood in the Ignition Switch
also...some bad contact...rusted as it not sealed properly
detail shot
the wire board....
the FAIL contact point

cleaned up....for temporary measure
 gonna change to new set on next week

this is new exprience...for me..because i'm 100% carguy...motorbike never appear in my wish list..
....before life is banned from motorcycle by my mOm...
while my dad....he's 123% he used to ride BMW bike to work in during 80's
so...maybe all this while..its 50/50 feel...
its there in my heart....just waiting for me to discover it....
although its just Jaguh to all...but to me...its the best easyrider bike for newbie like me
now i feel what every biker feel

Monday, May 10, 2010

Uptown Haul

1.03am...monday 10th may 2010
while looking for roadtax sticky for my car @ Uptown sec24, Shah Alam
catch sOme this lOOse wheel for me?friend? collection

OCC Custom

Corvette Grand Sport Cabriolet

really great cOmbo with this car
still waiting for the Mr.Kechik to pickup this wheel
2010 Corvette Grand Sport Faster Than Ever (FTE) Edition
from ColdStorage, Island Plaza, Penang

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Awie Sembilu Episode 175

Modenas Jaguh 175cc

nothin to do on sunday...just cruising with my new ride
perfect for me daily cruise to work....currently in process for 'L' License
2nd hand unit cost around  RM2800 year 2006 @ Tg.Bungah,Penang

Original Sales Price (excluding roadtax and insurance) : RM 6,025.75 (electric starter)

Click for Brochure

the Original bike is 
Kawasaki BN Eliminator 125cc
its Kawasaki's entry level cruiser. Its light weight, small stature and unintimidating power delivery make it a great choice for new riders. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation uses this bike in their beginner riders courses for those very reasons.

but sold as
Modenas Jaguh 175  in 

India by Bajaj Auto
nothing much for this wheel...gonna change the tank to original
i really like this style

Kawasaki Eliminator 250V

in my to-do list - handlebar

will be hunting for this COMSTAR rim
found this pic from local forum Malaysian Bikers Community...


will be editing this post tommorow...left some fact/info @ office

short circuit

Sunday...9th May 2010

check my EF brother complaining...he can't start the car after changing the battery
prob?.. he wrongly connected the battery....check the fuse box
happily buy new fuse RM8.....guess what....
i 'pOp' the new fuse too..suspecting shortcircuit somewhere might be the ECU

next step??...with &*%$@ mind...i abandoned the car :)

....take my wife to PKNS, Shah Alam and grab this Past.Mag for RM 10.90
another hobby that i have...collecting car Past.Mag
Total Impreza No.14 Jan/Feb 2010

The Dedicated Magazine for True Impreza Enthusiasts

here some highlight of the magazine content...the good stuff

I'm Proud....Proton Satria GTi listed and commented for their bodykit thank you LOTUS ENGINEERING

Total Impreza Project Car

btw here my Sunday Web Discovery
 while surfing the web discover this guy b e n n o r z  interesting car photography