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Monday, October 31, 2011

H u n g r y G h o s t . I n c

on 27th October 2011....went to HungryGhost Inc in Puchong, Selangor to service my Jaguh Carb
after 2months abandoned....need to run back this i blow my Kriss engine last tuesday
came across this ol'cool toyota abandoned around that area

h o m e 2 6 o c t 2 0 1 1

walking around my parent house for my record
shot taken on Deepavali Holiday last Wednesday 26th October 2011
one of my past favourite build... SAAB 900 turbo

one of future side project....rebuilding my ol'scooter

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

autoshow @ Mines2

as people gather up @ F1 Sepang Track for Autoshow & MotoGP
i'm avoiding it as it too crowded & the heat too high that day for raeys
so...i'm changin my route to The Mines for lunch...there is small autoshow
the turn-up were pretty low...might be because of clash with other big event...
shared few shot of show star

m u d - l o v e r

as referred in previous post....where i'm playing mud...its because of this
Jamboree 2011 Perak 4x4 & CubCross @ Taman Tasik Kamunting, Taiping, Perak
coincidently manage to get myself free to do small coverage
and rather than sleeping at home...spend close 2hours alone with the mud
started with few off-road around the park
someone try to blend with the nature
am big fan of this cool Vitara running on SR20 + boost
some of the CubCross boys clean-up after a races
get yourself a fullface helmet + Phua Chu Kang boot + converted moped
competing in the MotoCross race....although its not me its dedication & love of motorsport
headed to the rear section...for hardcore buggy action
might be not my style of motorsport....24/7 full of mud
2jz powered buggy...??
cool 2door Mitsubishi Pajero
  Malaysian 4 Wheelers clan arrive around 3pm
one of my To-Do list for my Escudo ...6lug rollers
event this merc can't escape with the mud action
went back around 4.30pm....thanks to the heavy rain
stop by for refill @ Pekan Jelai....Fried Kuey Teow