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all DIY work in pending mOde...diggin 4 pics in my library

Friday, June 25, 2010

S e r v i c e O v e r

PayCheck Day
went to this workshop to replace my front numberplate & rear signal...
while do the repair....ask for an estimate for clutch motor been slippin for 1 month

while discussin about the clutch
Boss Ah.Meng quote Taiwan Made Clutch Disc RM6 each and RM14 for Japan Made
this Jaguh using 6 RM84 just for the plate
other cost...2liter Engine Oil (Castrol Activ 20W-50) Rm30..Original Oilfilter RM8..
Gasket RM5..OilRing RM2...Spring Tensioner RM15...and Labour RM 12
Total Clutch Repair RM156



here the crew...massaging my babe...
below right....Mr.Ah Meng...the spareparts manager...cum...mechanic
went out to the ATM getting some fund....given the yellowslip for security
here the bills...other parts i'm replacing 
Front Crystal numberplate RM16
Rear Signal Bulb RM2..Wiring RM8..HandBrake Switch RM12
Front Sprocket + Pin (RXZ) RM12..SparkPlug (NGK CR9E) RM12
Open Pod Airfilter (Shark) RM12 for my brother scooter
here the crystal numberplate...the smallest road legal i can fit....
here joke of the day
...Spelling Fail.Com...
Live To Ride...Racing Company...Shark Island
wait....Racing Compang...???....ROFLOL...hahaha

while fixing the airfilter....found this
7 wings snap....nice...!!
next To-Do List....Engine Fan & High Temperature spray for the exhaust pipe


here my 3 babe....doing  late night threesome

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

r a c u n - b o b b e r

few ideas / inspiration for building my bike....bObber style....!!!

still in research for this headlight.....seriously.... it look gangsta

like this green....sweet & brave

Saturday, June 19, 2010

T e a - T e a

Friday Nite....18 June back bit early today...wash my bike for 
TehTarik Session with ChoppersGarage
doing small bike highlight by my fren Mr.Techman in last meeting
my rear wheel sprocket crack..counting days to be in pieces

my leaking fork

this is what u get when someone try to cut Q

done my wash n bike to MMZ Bukt Jelutong 
spend my nite...Teh Tarik wif ChoppersGarage celebrating Mr.Bogon Birthday

now back to my research..

Monday, June 14, 2010


spend my bOring sunday by check-out opening for one of Choppers Garage members shops
HungryPrawn & Cafe @ Saujana Puchong, Selangor
it started at 5.00pm...gun wif my lovely sweet pink compact camera...
i snap 7 friendly choppers ride before rain


this yellow bike is one of my favourite...simple mean lookin single seat bike 

here the owner of Hungry Prawn & Cafe....Mr. Antulaparbalikpagi

look forward to join some other TTs or gath...really need some idea n info for my bike

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mean Old Man

sOmethin from  Inden Design

i present the real MILF....
Mercedes-Benz W126.......this 1983 model modified by Germany's Inden Design in 1991

completely blacked out style upgraded with the 1986 facelift model's bumpers and side covers and the 
US-spec model's headlamps and tail lights

packed with 6.0-liter V8 engine from the 560SE producing over 368 horsepower 

The lowered suspension and the widened fenders, offer the W126 an even more aggressive stance

 superb shoes..18-inch BBS alloy wheels 
shod in 255/35 R18 tyres up front and (overly) massive 315/30 R18 tyres at the back, while stopping power comes courtesy of an upgraded 6-piston sports brake system with 352 x 32mm discs from AP Racing

The W126's interior, which is completely covered in black Nappa leather, boasts a set of K├Ânig sport seats up front and special wood trim.