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all DIY work in pending mOde...diggin 4 pics in my library

Friday, October 22, 2010

car . p O r n . t u m b l r

a l f i s t i

share with you guys some alfisti stuff

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

c a r - p O r n

been 2 months i'm hooked wif tumblr...and my car pics library reach thousand in 1month
here one of my fevret tumblr

r a b b i t

ran across this fevret car whore day...i will own one of this dub


Monday, October 4, 2010

p r o j e c t - M y v i C o o p e r

while i dig my Car Library found my other previous project for my fren
love of mini.cooper really influence my style of 'pimpin' my frens myvi

BluSam - getting legal

i drove back this car without front no. plate...snap while it hibernate last 9months at workshop
after dealing wif Zed rims...i manage to get free time before an openhouse at Semenyih, Selangor that nite
its kinda hard to get this aluminium plate these days...i went to few accessories shops from Sec18-24
at last...score the aluminium plate @ accessories shop bring my template..leaving me to hooked-up cost me RM25 for the aluminium plate and RM20 for the number plate

p r o j e c t - z e d

 went to my playground last an update from my fren ride Mr.Zed
been a week Zed asking me to downgrade his rim...need to change his 17inch MINI COOPER rim
his ride much needed to construction site rather than on the road
Zed requirement is 15inch..Bronze Colour and Cheap..
so we went for window shop...after survey on 3 shops along batu.belah - jln.kapar
deal struct on 'kedai.papan'...we've been offered few choice on the 195/55 rubber..
Michelin PS3 RM230/pc and Continental CC5 RM215/pc and Goodyear NCT5 RM165/pc 
trade-in old rim for of RM400 
combo of 15inch CE28 Replica (taiwan.shit) RM820/set...& Goodyear NCT5 165/pc
new Tyre valve (china) RM40/set...Aluminium Centre Ring RM80/set 
i'll just choose this combo because its cheap n suit his sentimental driving style
zed quite happy when everthing work well around his budget

r a c u n - p a k t a m

Discover this on CanibeaT ...perfect inspiration my fren ride project
which still in workshop after butt-kiss last 2weeks on LDP Highway
here VIVID Flat Army Green armed with 306rwhp V10 M5 engine