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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Satuday Night Fever - Round 5

for  registration  click >> snf-registration

Sexy MiIF

another wagon rollin on X5 wheels...pure orgasm

For Sale - T-Shirt

The Bernam Airfield is Classic Car Festival Shirt Sale 
only available in size S, M and L
left is front print while right is back print
Price : RM20

kindly call Mr Mukhriz @ 013 - 229 1135

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ugly Duck W126

met ol'fren last night who live down the road from my house...never know till year later...
last met him 10years back while in primary school
how time fast fly we're married and have a family to run
while chattin...seen his newly acquired mercedes W126..280SE...1 (one) owner...
a bargain to me for around RM5k..the bodywork looks good...the interior in perfect condition
it just need new alloy currently rollin standard steel rims w/out hubcap
he plans for original hubcaps RM600/set...going to build retro style complete with whitewall
personally i prefer alloy's cheap...lighter...easy to risk of loosing it while driving unlike hubcap
suddenly it remind me...16inch Lorinser RS90 which i kept in store from dad previous W124.coupe
shall i kept it for my future (dunno when will own) benz...??

full details for Mercedes Benz W126 on  click

small collection of random W126 in World-Wide-Web


 this might be overkill...W126 in VIP suite

never forget my favorite ol'bitch of all time...

conflict - of - interest

while all japanese car freak busy trying to get their car convert to Japanese Car Domestic (JDM) spec...
in Japan...their are following the United State Domestic Market (USDM) style....they even have their own car gath...
lookin at the pics...the scene look-like to US ground...small shot from USDM Jam 2011 in Japan

Online Car Feature

share with you guys for light reading


Yes Its Friday...!!

yes its friday...its planning day in my life...there will a lot of plan goin in my head (mostly on cars)...
and as usual and i'm stuck doin nothin (on cars) by the unforeseen plan on weekend......
when come the next monday....i felt i wish i can turn back the time....
doin something with my car....since i get married since Oct'09
i failed to get space for myself...doing somethin for my cars and get my hand dirty playin with grease
well its somethin i must sacrifice in my life for i have 1 (one) lovely wife and 1 (one) cute son
the day will come...i will back again into cars...i'm slowly planned everthin...only time & money will tell
gosshh.....what i'm blabbering about....talking without thinking...??..
i got so many work to do now....i can't even see my desk...full covered with papers & file
while doin my PDA shit...came across this....somethin different from Ferrari freaks...
a Blue F40...yup...its not everyone taste...but i'm lovin it...its the best car design
always refreshin for me although it has high wings...super-wide bOxy body
flippin headlight...simple quad rearlights...air-scoop all over the body.....
all this equals to High-Performance in the old days
why i love this car so much...?...well...I born in same era....
thats why i like old boxy car...rather than new curvy cars

movies - bOrn.2.race

after Fast5 in mid-2011...there's another movie comin our way “Born To Race” is the story of Danny Krueger
a rebellious young street racer on a collision course with trouble. After an accident at an illegal street race, he is sent to a small town to live with his estranged father, a washed up NASCAR racer. When Danny decides to enter the NHRA High School Drags, he's forced to seek his father's help in taking down the local hot shot.
for more info visit

b a t h i n g

while waiting for my wife back from meeting....i got bored
takin Blu.Sam for a spin....(sorry forgot to snap any pics)
then...relocate my 2 minis...and wash both of the dust was so thick...
i'm using Breeze Powder to wash it...ignore the scratch....both my mini need repaint
 My Plan....will remove then Fuel Tank...wash it....replace with new fresh gas...
just install other carburetor temporary to start the car
while this car...i'm gonnna service the radiator...adjust the alternator belt....change the clutch plate...change the small patch of rusty bodywork...service the engine oil....change the much to list......i'm jus gonna renew the roadtax 1st....hehehe

Thursday, July 21, 2011

s e x y - j a g

i need more jaguar pOrn....

Classic Ford Malaysia

got a ford....??.....join

4wheel bicycle..??

have to post this up before head gone they build the wheel..??
super detail craftsmanship...just click for more info autum-epitaph

Hafiz - CMB

after 1 day babysit raeys...17th July 2011....gotta call from my friend Hafiz.CMB
he's prepping his car for coming Grass Auto Racing this weekend on 24th July 2011
the 1000cc powerplant to be removed 100% for 1400cc monster
so i'm joining him to see the whole drama and meet my dad ol'mini fren Mr Yahaya
pictured here is Mr Green.Hulk

wish i had a garage like this at my home....just enough space & tool to do my weekend engine build

hope the car is ready by this weekend....wait for full report after Dyno Session...
in the meanwhile visit his blog @

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

babysit - raeys

last 16th July 2011...have to babysit my son...raeys for a day
my wife have an exam from morning till evening and a meeting at 4.30pm in Bukit Bintang
after sending my wife...went to my parents house...1st thin to do....take my honda.EF to workshop
pulled my honda.EF with my dad Citroen Xantia to section 17 to change mood for DIY
in the a call from Mr few thins to discuss for Bernam Festival
we went SACC Mall and join the K-Pop Talent Show....don't laugh...i don't know much bout it...hehe
i'm going to the back stage as my friend Mr. Mukhriz is an organiser for this event
this van got pimp-out with few speakers for the show
raeys chillin with uncle....Mukhriz & Rudy
3.30pm....gotta call from my wife...need to pick her-up and send her to the office
here my son...tired...after the K-Pop blast
 ......on the way back....came across this photoshoot @ Shah Alam Stadium
guess this is for local magazine....mainly for Mitsubishi Galant VR4 and Spacewagon club
small sneak-shot-inside-car as my son already sleep
now it's time for me to take rest....zzzZZzzz