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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

babysit - raeys

last 16th July 2011...have to babysit my son...raeys for a day
my wife have an exam from morning till evening and a meeting at 4.30pm in Bukit Bintang
after sending my wife...went to my parents house...1st thin to do....take my honda.EF to workshop
pulled my honda.EF with my dad Citroen Xantia to section 17 to change mood for DIY
in the a call from Mr few thins to discuss for Bernam Festival
we went SACC Mall and join the K-Pop Talent Show....don't laugh...i don't know much bout it...hehe
i'm going to the back stage as my friend Mr. Mukhriz is an organiser for this event
this van got pimp-out with few speakers for the show
raeys chillin with uncle....Mukhriz & Rudy
3.30pm....gotta call from my wife...need to pick her-up and send her to the office
here my son...tired...after the K-Pop blast
 ......on the way back....came across this photoshoot @ Shah Alam Stadium
guess this is for local magazine....mainly for Mitsubishi Galant VR4 and Spacewagon club
small sneak-shot-inside-car as my son already sleep
now it's time for me to take rest....zzzZZzzz

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