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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Report - Oh My God...2011 !!

too busy for edittin & choosin pics for
here the pending pics-report from the previous post
 one unique grill for KE70
my favourite chassis of modern e34
 love the satin brown colour...
somethin different rather than bOring Matt.Black which been over-used in car styling these days in Malaysia
 an e30...rollin on 5.lug AC shoes....Hell.Yeah for the tyre stretch & pOke 

my sOn raeys....amOng da ol"skOol 
there's something special bout this car 
not the engine....something bit nostalgic to me
flashback << click
 an American Muscle not to be missed among the ol'skOol
how i miss my swift....
my cousin rollin hard in ol'skool way... 

here is my favourite car of the shOw.....

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