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all DIY work in pending mOde...diggin 4 pics in my library

Friday, April 30, 2010

FridayPray Haul

Friday 30th April 2010..........12.15pm
hunting @ Sogo, Kuala Lumpur
only grab this 2 car for my Office Haul

The Perfect Couple
* found out Mattel guy forgot to give 'hotwheels' logo for RED Breadbox tempo


                 Lexus GS430               Lamborghini Murcielago

Colnago Super

punch-in 7.08am today...forgot to post head still dizzy
currently collecting facts for My Dad Ol'RoadBike
goin thru for 2nd rebuild wif orginal colour not with this Girlish Pinky Colour

Colnago Super

 Body Detail



Handlebar - Ambrosio


SeatPost - Campagnolo

Bottle Cages - Specialized

Brake - Modolo Speedy

Groupsets - Shimano 600

Pedal - Shimano 600

Crank - Superbe

Wheel Hub - Miche                          QuickRelease - Miche
Rim -Ukai

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

F e v e r D a y 2

punch-in 7.23am today...fever seems to stay a bit longer...
i got no mood now...headkick really bad....
time get some rest for myself.....enjoying my daily dose of Google Reader 

favourite bimmer of the day....from ra64freddy.wordpress.

superb stretch from r i v e r s i d e

10j with 185/60                               11j with 195/60

Fancy Ol'skOol Helmet

horror of the day......near Keelung, Taiwan

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

F e v e r D a y 1

punch-in early today...due to fever...can't get enough sleep
pick something from my library to share....gonna rest whole day

pics courtesy of  MotorMavens.Com

Monday, April 26, 2010

r a c u n

punch-in 7.22am....i'm late today...bit tired after long drive yesterday from Taiping,Perak
my mind bitten by the bug..had this in my mind for the beetle project
just to keep the cost down...yet some modern look

German Look Style

Resto-Cal + German Look Style

or shall i stay wif  Fat Chicks Resto-Cal Style

 or perhaps...i shall go for Cal-Look Style

My Style
this is the closest style i'm gonna do
All Original + Alpine White + 8spOke EMPI + Drag Stance

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Testing : VSO Image Resizer Ver.3

Sunday 5.55pm.....tOuchdOwn @ ShahAlam from Perak
currently testing the VSO Image Resizer Ver.3
looks good to me and user i choose few pics as my software test
 pics shown friday nite hauls for my collection....while looking for tyre polish @ uptown sec.24 shah.alam

i love American Muscle Car


i'm testing all this pics with 2300kb and reduce it to 50-62kb per pic
hit me with COMMENT for this quality