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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shorty - 21st March 2010

punch-in 7.20am today...too early today..already had my breakfast @ Hanifa,Medan Tuanku...
now??...bored....go nothing to my boss will not be around today..yehaa..!!..
while wait for Pak.Tam n Azwan for 2nd round bfast at 8.00am...
upload some progress for 
on last episode done few thins...already remove the brake & grip
then i stop...jus to reserve for me to do on sunday morning

when i remove the stem...i snap half of the fork...later have to figured out how to remove this

wear my masked down....rust at Level 4

'ayam' brand stem

try remove the seatpost...but it in there stuck....glue due to Rust

i'm a PR1MO bigfan

Rusty Chain

remove the rear wheel...this is temporary 'local.taiwan' wheel....

this is the original rim i use for this bike...which will be sent for chromin

Free Coaster to be service

some Mock-Up for some motivation to complete this project

stay tuned....i'm gone for 2nd round breakfast

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Rafys78 said...

2nd breakfast!
What are you, a hobbit?!