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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shorty - 27th March 2010

11.00am....done my work...
give some update for this project while reading Nikon D5000 User's Manual

Shorty Rebuild Continued

Seatpost + Crank + Pedal still remain to the to remove it due to rust
so i take it to Uncle Ah.Hai...Specialist for Bodywork @ Sg.Rasah, Klang to help me remove this parts

have no option other than chop off the crank


Uncle Ah.Hai torch it to soften up the rust

after few try...the seatpost still stuck..try to clamp it

suddenly...the seatpost snap...really @$&^! my mood

2nd try to remove the seatpost

Task : Seatpost Removal - FAIL....!!!

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kecik said...

waaahhhh... uncle!!

uncle masuk interframe woooooo.....