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Monday, February 28, 2011

m i n i G O t e s t i n g

some picture of mini.test last sunday on 27th February 2011 @ Stadium ShahAlam, Selangor.


feeling tough

w   e   e   k   e   n   d   .  p   r   o   j   e   c   t
after the loud pipe....i'm tackling the handle
not really an 'ape' guy...consider myself more to street tracker
so i'm changing it to Yamaha RXS handle...went HungryGhost yesterday to buy riser and installation
the new handle come without any bracket for speedometer & to remove it....
and the bike look bit clean now

confident feel with ride position...
new handle grip and sidemirror on next to do list

Saturday, February 26, 2011

L o u d P i p e

w   e   e   k   e   n   d   .  p   r   o   j   e   c   t
manage to get myself free in the mOrning...plan to change my exhaust muffler
been kept this NOB1 muffler 3months...
original plan..this muffler is for my 'cub' project...after seeing few look bit bulky
so...decided to mod it to my daily ride 
went to my trusted bodyshOp...Uncle Ah.Hai...its like mini.graveyard
here the man start chopping my exhaust system 
 how it looks when complete....clean & simple
 one word...LOUD..!!! right ear bleed on d way back...
not worries for blindspot.....drivers still   hear me miles away....