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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

boring weekend

12am sharp...i went for lite cycling on saturday night
routine for me to relax on weekend
start my LonelyRide from 
sec10 >DataranShahAlam >BankNegara >Sec2 >Sec7(HakimLama)
ordered can of 100plus and i'm headback to my house
fail to snap pics for the this lOnely ride..forgot to bring my camera
around a call from ol'fren Mr.FarouQ
after few chat..we on Federal Highway...cruisin around KL till 3.30am
its been a while we've stop weekend cruise with our G13b
as i'm sold off my GreyMouse and him totaled the BlueCow
now he's doing ol'skool while i'm continue with misc. project
manage to snap the goat while resting @ SOGO.K.Lumpur

next bOring morning
i went to CarBoot and.....i'm....
peeping thru window Holy Smoke Cafe @ Sec.13 Shah.Alam
looking those black ol'Merc inspire me to build one...
although currently i'm in a mood of Peugeot 405 BTCC style 

 hot SUV parked not less than 10years in the same i remember

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