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Friday, February 18, 2011

c u s t o m i z i n g

c u s t o m i z i n
plan to do some small modification to my bike..i'm changing the signal to smaller size
big thanx to hungryghOst...gave me this mudguard to customised it and together with that i bought this pair 

 its holiday on tuesday 15th February 2011 for Maulidur Rasul...
got nothin to do..get myself dirty that nite
its quite late....continue next morning...i'm chopping off the signal bracket
 send it to fibreglass shop to fill up the gaps between signal and rear bracket cover
it takes 1 day to cure it...came out nicely with all the gaps
 seal off the rear original signal holes
 here i'm playing putty to smooth out the gaps
 sand off and lay primer coat
 here this finished product....sloppy job...will repeat some other time 

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