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Monday, June 29, 2009


Saturday, 27 June 2009
p r o j e c t
MyNi (JCW) John Cooper Works Edition

1st Set

14inch Perodua ( yukss )
duration of use - 1 year

2nd Set

15inch P1 buddy club
duration of use - 8 months

2nd Set
15inch Wedsport TC-05
( bronze )
duration of use - 3 months

3rd Set
15inch Wedsport TC-05
( TAKATA Green )
duration of use - 5 months

4th Set
17inch Mini Cooper 'S'
John Cooper Works Edition
duration of use - current start 27.06.09

p r o j e c t
Toyota Vios E Spec

1st Set

14inch Toyota Vios 'E' Spec
duration of use - 1 year

2nd set
16inch Voltec
duration of use - current start 27.06.09
next mod
> g e t t i n l o w <


u p d a t e

29 June 2009

New Car Key

New 2nd hand tyres + Wheel Nut + Lock Nut

try 2 start the engine . . . after few weeks abandoned
after few crank.....and....
the engine sing very well with few leaks

c h e c k

Chassis Number


Crack Headlight - Right Side

Crack Front Signal Lenses
2 hOles on the bonnet

Broken Bonnet Latch
(will be replaced with SPARCO bonnet pin)
interior light
next step....bodywork alignment

Thursday, June 25, 2009

k e 7 0 bu r u k

Budget Drifter Project

22 june 2009

Toyota Corrolla GL 1982 (KE70) 1300cc

a . k . a

k e 7 0 b u r u k

C a r C o n d i t i o n

fender VS light pole
front left side door

bend rear axle strut

R e p a i r W o r k s

2nd hand rear axle strut
new bush for the rear axle strut

old VS new
off the wheels for new tyres

13inch hayashi racing street (staggered) + bald tyres

(sorry for the blurry pics)

thanks 4 viewing
this project will be update from time 2 time


h a n s g a r a g e

f i r s t p o s t

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