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Thursday, June 25, 2009

k e 7 0 bu r u k

Budget Drifter Project

22 june 2009

Toyota Corrolla GL 1982 (KE70) 1300cc

a . k . a

k e 7 0 b u r u k

C a r C o n d i t i o n

fender VS light pole
front left side door

bend rear axle strut

R e p a i r W o r k s

2nd hand rear axle strut
new bush for the rear axle strut

old VS new
off the wheels for new tyres

13inch hayashi racing street (staggered) + bald tyres

(sorry for the blurry pics)

thanks 4 viewing
this project will be update from time 2 time


h a n s g a r a g e

1 comment:

nazri said...

cannot wait to drift this car again...
(last time sudah hentam itu tiang lampu dah....)