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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shorty - 20th March 2010

hate my ol' stinky habit....always abandoned project....same as this blog...
4months No Update..??
so i'm picking up new mood for this blog.....currently busy rebuilding my old 'flatland' bmx
1995 Shorty Frame from Standard Byke Company
ever wonder what happen if a boy at age 17 (form 5) have driving license + a car to thrash around

here the pics where it rest in my backyard....since end 1998
everytime i bump to this....i keep sayin in my heart...i will rebuild this bike to its former glory...
so on the day of 20 March 2010...i'm picking up pieces...and start this project
almost everthing covered with 12yrs of  rust

low handlebar by REDLINE

big fan of  PR1MO

the overall view of this bike.....enough for me to fill up my free time on weekend

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