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Sunday, December 27, 2009

p r o t o n m o t o r s p o r t

my fren is selling off his Saga 'VR4 Tip-Tronic' for scrap value
i'm make  silly offer.....and...i'm still waitin for his answer...hehe
.....and da only thin dat came across my mind is this guy car
T N 8 1 8 
previously build by
Haidi Amir Karim @ JimanKiller @ KeMeK

love the style...BTCC look

currently his building up his ol'skOol A174

playin his role as Technical Advisor 4 Traffic Mag Online

love diz mag...quite sad it went for e-mag

1 comment:

kecik said...

VR4 TIP TRONIC gempak wooo..
1 in the kind... champion punya..