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Saturday, July 16, 2011

poison - 4 - mousedeer

one of my friends jus sold his mini...its another lost to MiniGruppe
now...he's gonna concentrate to his Daily-Ride
a Perodua EX aka Daihatsu Mira
put up few example of model for reference to follow 
everthin is on L2 model...rather than L5...
suggest him not to mess with Brader-Baju-Biru and less cost
what an L5 look-like
MIRA in VIP Style 
 Funky Coloured Wheels won't harm anyone these days
some small inspiration build @ modernoturbo.blogspot
this is what current trend in Malaysia where everthing is mod/convert to JDM spec......
i'm a bit more to this style...lookin radical & unique...rollin on wide ol'skool set rim with flared arch

here the perfect example...Super-Dope-Shizzz

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