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Friday, July 22, 2011

Ugly Duck W126

met ol'fren last night who live down the road from my house...never know till year later...
last met him 10years back while in primary school
how time fast fly we're married and have a family to run
while chattin...seen his newly acquired mercedes W126..280SE...1 (one) owner...
a bargain to me for around RM5k..the bodywork looks good...the interior in perfect condition
it just need new alloy currently rollin standard steel rims w/out hubcap
he plans for original hubcaps RM600/set...going to build retro style complete with whitewall
personally i prefer alloy's cheap...lighter...easy to risk of loosing it while driving unlike hubcap
suddenly it remind me...16inch Lorinser RS90 which i kept in store from dad previous W124.coupe
shall i kept it for my future (dunno when will own) benz...??

full details for Mercedes Benz W126 on  click

small collection of random W126 in World-Wide-Web


 this might be overkill...W126 in VIP suite

never forget my favorite ol'bitch of all time...

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