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Friday, October 7, 2011

Project - Anas - L2 ass...!!

here an update on last weekend project....where HanGaraj work-out on Anas Project Car
after few stop&survey on friday...we landed on ARC parts @ Kg Melayu Subang
the deal is for a set of Daihatsu Mira consist of Boot, Rear Bumper & Taillights
 as we deal bit late...went to Sg. Buloh meeting ol'friend
close to 4-5years i didn't met him...lot of changes since we sold our ol'swift
now....he's a hardcore toyota fans...he got fully build Toyota LE & EP in hand
manage to catch few boost with his starlet...perfectly build with rare parts
 saturday 3 of us (kamal,anas & me) got nothin to do...
decided to spend few hours to change the rear set

 within 1 and half hours...with drinkin & chat...we're done
waiting for next pay-check for rollers update

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