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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Awie Sembilu Episode 175

Modenas Jaguh 175cc

nothin to do on sunday...just cruising with my new ride
perfect for me daily cruise to work....currently in process for 'L' License
2nd hand unit cost around  RM2800 year 2006 @ Tg.Bungah,Penang

Original Sales Price (excluding roadtax and insurance) : RM 6,025.75 (electric starter)

Click for Brochure

the Original bike is 
Kawasaki BN Eliminator 125cc
its Kawasaki's entry level cruiser. Its light weight, small stature and unintimidating power delivery make it a great choice for new riders. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation uses this bike in their beginner riders courses for those very reasons.

but sold as
Modenas Jaguh 175  in 

India by Bajaj Auto
nothing much for this wheel...gonna change the tank to original
i really like this style

Kawasaki Eliminator 250V

in my to-do list - handlebar

will be hunting for this COMSTAR rim
found this pic from local forum Malaysian Bikers Community...


will be editing this post tommorow...left some fact/info @ office


Hasnul Fahrain said...

masuk dunia custom chopper... pilih style motor mane yg ko bekenan :)...then try to applicate tu ke motor ko :)... chopper ni mcm2 style ade :)

hansgarage said...

thanx 4 da advice bro....yupp....skrg tgh wat research lg...lum finalise style apa nk wat...maintain orginal dulu