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Sunday, May 9, 2010

short circuit

Sunday...9th May 2010

check my EF brother complaining...he can't start the car after changing the battery
prob?.. he wrongly connected the battery....check the fuse box
happily buy new fuse RM8.....guess what....
i 'pOp' the new fuse too..suspecting shortcircuit somewhere might be the ECU

next step??...with &*%$@ mind...i abandoned the car :)

....take my wife to PKNS, Shah Alam and grab this Past.Mag for RM 10.90
another hobby that i have...collecting car Past.Mag
Total Impreza No.14 Jan/Feb 2010

The Dedicated Magazine for True Impreza Enthusiasts

here some highlight of the magazine content...the good stuff

I'm Proud....Proton Satria GTi listed and commented for their bodykit thank you LOTUS ENGINEERING

Total Impreza Project Car

btw here my Sunday Web Discovery
 while surfing the web discover this guy b e n n o r z  interesting car photography

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