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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project - S a G a - I z z Y

last weekend activity was packed attending openhouse &
and.....i miss coverage for GRA & Autoshow...
started my early saturday morning shopping for new wheels for my fren Izzy
need to update the look...from the steelies to alloy wheels
we went to Klang...and after 3shops...finalise option for this two
not a big fan of cheap.copy wheels...but limited student budget we need to roll in style
settled with the funky-orange wheels...classic look with polished lips
its a fake SPARCO wheel ...a staggered set sizing
Front - 15in x 7in Wide x ET40
Rear - 15in x 7.5in Wide x ET35
need to use 1/2inch spacer for clearance for front & rear...we're changing the brake.pad as well
while waiting for the rim to be installed...snap some car pics around the shop
most of it own by the shop staff
includin this Honda Civic EK9
other interestin car rolled in for fresh rubber
 here the final look...we need to lower the front...too much
the rear arch need to rolled for clearance issue

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