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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shiny Racing

thanks to for the  flashback....
shared some ol'pOrn...true road-legal track weapon
been my idol car since it debut last few years...simply clean & practical


Technical Data: 

Car: Peugeot 205 GTi '87 1900cc

Body: Stripped down and built from scratch, sømsveiset, replaced roofs without skylight, 10 pt cage with rods to dampen tower brace between the tower and torpedo wall, narrower exhaust tunnel to get the chairs right down to the floor, automatic hood, Auto Five smooth tailgate panel, rear bumper without fog lights, custom front spoiler, carbon fiber wing mirrors (mirrors), tinted windows, BSR-Aerotek gullelokserte aluminum and titanium screws

Engine: 4 cyl, 1905 cc, XU9J2, completely overhauled, balanced bottom section, top-ported, 10,5:1 CR, Kent PT27 comb, Gp N springs, utfreste pockets in the pistons, Ansa 4-1 manifold, 2 "exhaust centered behind Mangoletsi intake, 2x Weber 45DCOE, HPD intake box carbon, Vibrant filter, Earls AN fittings and stålomspunnede hoses, Holley blue fuel pump and regulator, polished aluminum tanks for water and oil, the lower motor mount in Delrin, Gp N transmission mount, Castrol TWS 10 - 60 oil

Transmission: BE1, 5 Trins case, lower end of the exchange, Quaife barrier, Gp A provides transmission, short shift,

Interior: Sparco Touring seats, Sparco 4 point belts, Sparco steering wheel, dashboard in carbon fiber and Alcantara, dørsider and floors in carbon, Auto Meter shift light and oil pressure lamp,

Suspension: KW was 2 coilovers, Mumbo Jumbo camber adjustment in front, 309 GTI bear arms, Delrin bushings, modified rear axle with farms -2.2 camber, caster changed back, reinforced main frame, 21mm toro production poles, aluminum bushings in the batch count.

Brakes: 306GTI-6 calippere, Black Diamond drill / slot 285mm wafers, Ferrodo DS 2000 pads, 23.9 mastercylinder, stålomspunnede snakes, Will Wood regulating valve to the rear brakes.

Wheel / tire: PTS Speedline SL434, 6.75x15, Yokohama A048 195/50-15

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