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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teh.Tarik.Session - Swift

after dealing with the Project-Saga.Izzy...having a late night Teh.Tarik.Session with ol'Swifter Clan
am having an urge to buy back ol'swift for myself...its one the best car i own
 next sunday morning...headed to Bukit.Tinggi, Klang to my sister house for breakfast
bump this 7series in DONK mode
on the way back.....
drop by this closed shop...believe its classic car restorer shop
spot this Rolls.Royce standing infront of the shops with a halfcut
 i've got nothin to do in the planned on last night TT session
planned to check this Red.Suzuki.Swift...breakdown since SNF Rd.6 for snapped timing belt
 suspected for bent valves...lost compression...Top Overhaul on next To-Do list
.....will be continued on next episode of The Red Swifter

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