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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

site visit - PG MiniSpares

after spending 6days @ my wife hometown....we headed to Penang, Malaysia
got a wedding to attend on Sunday...
had my breakfast at my favourite spot @ Transfer Road
 i went to PG MiniSpares...a mini specialist in Penang...
my Uncle looking for manifold for his WEBER
this is 2nd shop since he move out from Jelutong
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this cute little beast is fully equipped with guys 
 although its a mess....lotsa parts hidden in there 
 in the corner...Kok Peng personal treasure
Honda Chaly in other 2 units which been fully modded

1 comment:

SadMiniLover said...

Lim Kok Peng is a con man.

I've bought a new re con mini from him which keeps breaking down.
Found out from my new mechanic that he's given my new mini old spare parts which are broken and unsafe!!!
Before this, I had to bring my new mini back to PG Mini Spares for repair constantly.
Headlights can't be switched on.
Reverse lights were not connected.
Air Cond belt making noise.
My air cond was leaking.
My car interior got soaked when it rained.
He also stuffed newspaper into my aircond shaft to stop it from leaking.
Failed to give me my Mini's registration documents,
After many attempts and persuasion, Finally got it from Kok Peng.
What's more shocking was when we asked for our documents,
Kok Peng asked: Do you need a registration to drive your mini??

That's rubbish coming from a Mini Expert.

All of these, have costs me RM4K worth of repair for my new mini.
I'm absolutely upset and disappointed with his lack of honesty for the Mini Community.

Kok Peng has now moved to KL, beware!