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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

G R A - Round.4

on Sunday morning....i'm headed to Sepang F1 Track for GrassRacing Autosport Round.4
supporting 2 of my friends competing in this round
Mr Hafiz Isa & Mr Mukhris Mokhtar
in between...i ran around the Car Park for pic whoring
the GRA models
back to the track
also our friend...Mr David Chan from Singapore drop-by for support
here Mr David Chan car..its my favourite chassis...W124 + wagon
the girls
after the GRA...i & hafiz went to Mr David garage at the track
lucky me...his son Brian Chan busy tuning the MG for coming Classic Car Race this 26th November 2011
the car is super-loud...imagine a 4.1liter V8 + single rev almost tear-up my eardrum..
sorry no pics of that MG...just this Mini in Miglia Specs
small gift from Mr Brian Kwan for our friend
back home...check-out the goodie.bag received at GRA
thanks to the wife very pleased with the shirt


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