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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project : Honda Civic (EJ)

sorry for this delayed updated...i should update this last two weeks...
as my work & life commitment needs my attention i'am a bit of track lately
so here from my previous post Project Car - E J 6 report...
as schdelue i collect this car right after office hour on 11th November 2011 for repair works...
to cut it short.....its been long nights for me...and safely arrive around 2pm with the 3cylinder honda
next morning....handover the car to my mechanic...Mr Ah Leong to do detail inspection on the engine
1st plan is to do top overhaul....after removing the head....
the condition is too bad for overhaul...going to Plan B....getting a Short Block for halfcut shop
here the replacement engine...ready for plug-in

some other Ah Leong project in-hand

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