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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Project - anas - wheeliE

as scheduled...after spending time with raeys
i've got appointment for Project Anas
the plan is to update the car with new kicks
1st time i went out shopping for new wheels late evening around 5pm
as Shah Alam busy with the Final match between Negeri Sembilan and Terenganu that night
we headed to my favourite spot in Klang, Selangor..after 4shops from Batu Belah to Jalan Kapar
we settled down for this two option...rear set for VIP look while the front add little bit of Motorsport Look
these rims are Made In Taiwan...yes it cheaps...but it serve the function and suit owner budget
as Anas a romantic kinda guy...he opt for the VIP look
while the shop...preparing the wheel...share one of speed_whore
there's 3 of us...Anas, Kamal & me...for this trip
stack the set besides me and start our 1half-hour journey to Kanchong Darat in Banting, Selangor for next mod
while waiting the Wak Jali
Wak Jali car...rolling on sweet 15inch rollers from Works
the plan is to change the knuckle from PCD110 to PCD100
this is one of favourite option/mod for Kancil/Mira owners
where theres a lot of wheel option in PCD100 compared to original PCD11o
Wak Jali trademark....check-out D'Ceria
the knuckle is prepared in advance so the installation just take 1hour to installed for all 4corners
next mod on To-Do List is to update the face to Mira L2s
we done around 10pm...the car look fresh now...will be in for Paintwork around January 2012


Miey said...

Apa size rim ni ya? Brapa kos tukar knuckle pcd 110 to 100?

H a n G a r a j said...

rim detail
Size : 15inch
Wide : 6.5mm
offset / ET : 38
(biasala rim ayam...ET dlm ET35)

knuckle cost
RM280 - disc dpn blkg
RM250 - disc dpn...drum blkg

just add D'Ceria @ FB