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Thursday, November 10, 2011

d a d . s t u f f

babysit Raeys last night while my wife stayback at the office
try to get some ol'pics of my album for reference
lately there is a discussion of in Facebook try to trace for the Wardspeed the 90's
so this blog will host some pics of racing scene in Batu Tiga Speedway from my dad collection
small intro how the my life car scene with my dad in this 30years
 this two car that my father had while posting in Sabah, Malaysia early 80's
 this my dad brand new Mini 1275GT plate number BAR 6111...
one of reason why i'm a GT guy rather than Mk1 Cooper...i wonder what happen to this car now
this car won few trophies in its Class...pic taken somehwhere in Penang
some other car my dad own in late 80's to late 90's
my brother posing infront my dad Volvo 264
my college 2000
its explain why i love ol'car...110% sure i'm influence by my dad


Anonymous said...

Is that a 2002 BMW ? - Kamal

H a n G a r a j said...