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Monday, June 13, 2011

s c r a p

two fail project @ hansgarage ... KE70 ..
the black & red KE70 is now officially scrap
due to time & financial...this project is no longer feasible
decided to scrap this car on 27th May 2011
the car is badly vandalised
main mission here is to rescue the staggered 13" Hayashi Street Fin for other future project
if only i've not use this lock nut....the rim is long gone by now...and
because i've lost the lock nut...4trip to home & shop just to find the lock key...
i thing i learn from it...the lock key is secured...but once u've lost it...its like having freddy.kruger nightmare
by 2pm....the car is ready to be scrap...time move on to the next project

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