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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

b a t t e r y - no.4

since '07..this 4th battery for my wife viva..the car is daily use
and all of the battery only last for 1year on the dot
that include 1unit of free maintenance (GP Atlas) on 2nd year
after that...i'm back to wet cell point to pay an extra 40-50bucks for free maintenance cause after 1year
i've still got to change it anyway...don't know why...
i'm little bit confuse with this little monster really use high voltage to run...although its Kei-Car
 the price of battery fluctuate from time to time in malaysia
this time i buy GP brand with 13plates....normal is 11plates
just like to check how long it can cost around RM130
an 20bucks different from 11plates battery with local unknown brand
traded-in my old around RM15bucks
 now my 4th start 26th May 2011
 while installed it....i'm coated it with terminal grease
 after that...went for a change engine oil
while on ramp....i discover that 2 of my tyre F@#Ked-up
rear passenger side...bald inside with 2incg screw in it...while
front driver bump inside....after the service
went to JooiSeng @ Batu Belah, Klang lookin for 2nd replacement
to my luck....score 2nd hand Kumho Ecsta..week 42/2010
although its 2010...the tread as good as new....
the compound still soft compared to my Yokohama A-Drive...
where A-Drive compound is little bit hard & not grippy
total damaged to wallet...RM130 for pair of tyres
 after that...i went to Ah.Hai
just drop see project in the house
 while at the shop...i adjust viva rear boot
few mini outside the shop...waiting for restoration

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