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Monday, June 20, 2011

m y . h e r o

as we wish for father's my hero....Mr Jaafar Samson...
he the one who teach me bout life and cars...i remembered how we spend every saturday
going to halfcut/scrapyard lookin for parts...for our miscellaneous project car
from saab...teachin me how to wash & clean the spareparts and fit it
this pics taken in '89...i'm 7yrs old at that dad preppin & drivin this Mk2 Cooper S to take part in BTSC
all preparation is done @ our house which 5min drive to the track
here the dusty ol'trophy....3rd in place for round 2

although we quarrelled a lot bout doing cars...i'm still love you

and journey for me as dad to Raeys

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saruman said...

awesome! and happy father's day!