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Friday, June 10, 2011

report 4 nilai3.sprint

manage to sneak out on sunday 5june2011...went to Nilai3, Negeri Sembilan...i'm plannin to take Blu.Sam for this outing...due to lone ranger....i end up drivin alone with viva
reach around 12pm...where the sprint just finish...frustrated...not a single pics of mini sprinting...
so i just hang around..and went to the stage for autoshOw
grey mini + ATS wheel = win..!!
after years of restoration...this back to the to dig back the old albums
i got this car pics when it originally landed from italy in 80's
ignore the stripes and chroming addict
this mini is properly stanced with 1inch gap to the arch
great example of mismatch rare wheel
rare wheel galore arOund the show mOnster packing with the top sprinter
here my car of the show
the look reflect who building it...true old.timer i shall say
something the it ran fast as it looks

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