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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

S h i t . n e w S

congrats to the Malaysia Government for killing our local automotive industries....some might forgot bout this ...wayback to Oct'09...all this rumours will be reality

Open AP - down side, the open AP announced to be stepped by 31st Dec 2015 and a large chunk of the RM300 million expected to be collected from the RM10,000 per Open AP fee. It said that Fund will be used to develop the auto industry and further increase Bumiputra entrepreneurship participation in the auto industry.??..(yeah right....we all know it will be fund for coming PRU and the crony vendor shit )

Gradual introduction of Vehicle End of Life Policy  - The current government stated that the vehicles that above 15 years will required performing inspection during renewal of road tax to ensure road worthiness... (creative idea....again...i'm assuming that all inspection fee will be fund for coming PRU)

Import of used parts/components  -  By June 2011, vehicle half-cut, second hand parts/components and reconditioned will be prohibited from importation to Malaysia. Prime Minister move on Budget 2010 which so called ‘high-income’ country. Mainly, this helps to boost the sales of local parts their crony vendors.

Reconditioned Used Car - Imported cars have to be less than 5 
years old when the car reaches Port. It's Vehicle End of Life Policy. With the new banned on imported used parts take effect, we all will be keep changing cars every 5 years.

all this shit not only kiling the effect all of warn and prepared for the high-income country shit.

effective today...5th January 2011...RON97 will be seems that cost of living in Malaysia increasing rapidly each month toward coming General Election / Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU)

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