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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

740 waste metal

for sOme people...think is f**king ugly bOx
to me...the beauty is in the eye of beholder
daily check @ just cost around 5-6k
looks perfect to me if you want cheap daily thrash with safety in mind

few examples facelift to 940series face 
  like this pics.....its the best weekend getaway


zaradaim said...

Tolong lah beli 740 ni dan modified mcm dlm gambar berkenaan.
sangat lah cantik, x penah tgk lg cantik cmtu kt msia ni.. sekian

h a n s g a r a g e said...

hehehe...thanx 4 visitin...if budget allowed...dh lama aku beli...tgk la klau ada duit lebih aku minat wagOn...look unique on the road

saruman said...

i like it too!