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Friday, January 7, 2011

d r e a m . f i X i e

something i'm nOt achieve befOre i'm get married
F i X i E

fixed-gear bicycle (or fixed-wheel bicycle, sometimes known in the USA as a fixie) is a bicycle that has no freewheel, meaning it cannot coast — the pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is moving.
The sprocket is screwed directly onto a fixed hub. When the rear wheel turns, the pedals turn in the same direction.[1] This allows a cyclist to stop without using a brake, by resisting the rotation of the cranks, and also to ride in reverse.
Track cycling in a velodrome has always used fixed-gear track bikes, but fixed-gear bicycles are now again used on the road,[2] a trend generally seen as being led by bicycle messengers.[3]
Recently, fixed-gear bikes have risen in popularity among hipsters, possibly due to their appeal as a "vintage" accessory.
to me...its an art...colorful younger generation lifestyle


 sweet example how fixie running on drive belt 
when design going to another level
even my grand.Dad doing fixie frame in Japan

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