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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the shOws sucks

went to KLIMS'10 with my juniOr...last mOnday

i'm cutting it short...overall of the!!
95% pics taken..are more on girls...just like to share the nightmare with u guys

here the shit of RM15/adult



Satria NEO R3 Turbo Concept

Mutiara Motors with their tuned Nissan Skyline GT-R

the only rabbit in the shOw
running on Nitto Rubber

Naza bringing in their best BRABUS

  458 italia with super fail model??

while at the Peugeot stand

mitsubishi chicks with thai dress

hyundai avante looking sleek with mature girl

lOve this Carbon body


lexus babe


honda hybrid model


interesting package for hard slammers

oh snap..!!



then to the bike section eyes....!!


finally....ducati babes

end of shit


saruman said...

Holy S***!

Rafys78 said...

Yeah. This kind if $h!t I want to see.

Whats the matter with you!! Ok what (according to your cool pics)!!

After looking at this entry, now I want to go to the show.