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Thursday, December 9, 2010

c O m p a r O

went out last night with man to take this steering wheel for Projek JoFRi
although is copycat aka Cap.Ayam item..
nicely boxed...screws & allen.key are included with the kit for installation
point 1 : Enhances the appearance of your car's interior...(ohh yeahh..!!! )

detail pics on  stitches

the deep dish wheel

small comparison to my SPARCO Steering Wheel...
this steering wheel is my wedding gift when i get married in  Oct'09
its original...bought from SpeedzOne MotorspOrt...cost of it..can buy 7unit of OMP(CapAyam)
till now...i still kept in box....waiting for other prOject car

no allen.key...or screw supplied with the kit

detail pics on the leather wrap

the height difference around 3-5mm
small kit comparison between 
3spOke OMP and 2spOke SPARCO

here how it looks like when on my wedding

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