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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blu.Sam - Check-Up

detail pics on Blu.Sam condition
 this ugly lining on border need to be remove...
 all side indicator either crack or yellowish...still in proposal to be delete or replace with new one
will be replace with clear ROVER lenses with chrome trim
both door skin have rust on surface
to be delete
side mirror will be colour coded with body colour with black base

both wiper need to be replace...thinkin of chrome arm & silicon blade....including chrOme nipple and wiper blank
  will be use this screen temporarily....need replacement including screen rubber seal
rust on front bumper bracket due to old minor hit

rusted gutter....  
  worn out rubber seal

this is the most critical parts....this mini is using kancil rim...these thick spacer spell dangerous
without proper size & offset...tyres is fouling the body panel...look at the tyre sidewall
   front floor board on driver side need some work urgently before it get wOrse & turn to Flinstone wannabe
  the battery tray looking good

last work to be done....muffler replacement to Stainless Steel material

need to add Tacho/RPM meter to this beast

this tweeter need to be relOcation
need to find 1 pair of seatbelt
need speaker board in order
wOrn out driver seat
small clean up work n find all minor accessories for the interior trim
this is lOng term project...will be updated & replace the wOrn out parts as the budget allowed
thank you for reading this blog...and follow hansgarage for future update

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