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Thursday, December 23, 2010

P a s t M a g - 18th Dec 2010

i went to Acacia, Park Residences @ BangsarSouth last saturday for my cOusin hOuse warming
manage to take few shOt of raeys nap at the poolside
the balcony scene not so great...
and i discover this red mini on roadside...this shot taken from 10th floor...
in zOom action
stumble this red BMW Z4 on 18inch Racing Dynamics in the car park...
as usual...went to AmcorpMall @ P.Jaya for my PastMag dosage
i love this least somOne share same view with me


quite surprise that Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (SAAB) is now own by Spyker Cars...
click >> Svenska Automobile AB @ wiki
my favorite watch ...Seiko Chrono...cost?...28k US Dollar (....gulpp...)
Mpower go cycle

introduce to you Oakley Design ...its more than a Sunglasses
EuropeanCar - Project Car
one day when i'll be a millionaire...this is my green
i'm subscribed to this mag since Form.3....that 13years down the road gOlf in the garage yet
what i dream of....a mental wagon
this old banger got mental modding...
check out the old camera as mOunt for pressure gauge
this is what keeping the Dub scene stay clean & fresh
cover car
love how this golf stance...sweet power rolling on BBS splities....pastel green colour...full de-badge..shave......everthing spells CLEAN ride
 current scene shot...what happen outside Malaysia
almost all pics in this blog i shoot with this 
Nikon CoolPix S-210 8.0MP + 3x Optical Zoom + VR + ISO 2000
(yes..its Sakura Pink wife property)
since she buy on Aug'07....the shutter cOunt turn 10k last 18th Dec2010 (Saturday)

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