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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

P a s t M a g - 31st Aug 2010

Went to Shah Alam Convention Centre with my wife just now...checking out warehouse sale there that ends stuff for me....except this mag...i'm addicted to cheap past mag...every time i got new project in hand..i will try to look cheap mag..just to get some inspiration and info...grab this mag for RM5...feature few 'bObber' in this June 2009 issue

this 'bObber' really interest me...face grin speaks thousand word

this is my first time buying this American Iron Mag...looking at the contents...very informative for every biker usual for US mag...too much advertisment 

other 'bobber' featured in this issue...really clean & unique build

below...mag star for June '09....own by Mr. Ken Army Captain currently working in Emergency Room for Fort Irwin in California...a freshly Harley Davidson Cross Bone '08 from showroom went straight to Shadetree Fabrication for small customization...what i love of this build on tight budget and the owner really know what he want for his 'bobber'

conclusion...??....i want a 'bObber' for myself...

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