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Thursday, September 30, 2010

p r o j e c t - B l u e S a m

went tom MiniWorks yesterday to pickup this car...after settling up few glitch...
its ready to take home....temporarily will be stored @ hansgarage for daily test
found old pics how the car look Aug'07 while transfer new pics to my CarLibrary

check-in HansGarage for small make-up..change the front grille & MissMatch wheel arch 

the front & rear wheel arch set is different and the tyres rub where u can see holes in it
 luckily hansgarage have spare wheel arch and grille

last setup on Aug'07

 yesterday 29 September 2010
here the project car among other mini @ MiniWorks, Segambut

running perfectly thru traffic jams from Segambut to Shah Alam with fullblast aircOnd

safely stored @ HansGarage, Shah Alam

full detailed report in future


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Asphalt Addict said...

dh tambah lg 1...power power...hehe

-blackie CG

hansgarage said... bestfren ride...busy @ singapore....send to hansgarage for medical medical check-up