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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

P a s t M a g - 29th Aug 2010

its been a while i have not buy any some highlight from the magazine i bought at Selvan Store, Uptown Damansara...last sunday

1st mag...MiniWorld April'10 issues for RM15.90...
the cover car really catch my eyes...a 1275GT  been build for the stance with 13x7 minilite 

theres news from Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan, Malaysia
burn down mini specialist workshop

event coverage from Japan..organised bt Club 305 @ Fuji Speedway, Japan
2 Britax Replica + Wagon with Rosepetal alloys = Mini Maniac
mini sprint...only in Japan
here my favorite feature in the mag....1275GT 
super clean engine bay
Mini Pickup + 1.8 K-Series - Mania
here an update of hardware in the  market 
interesting info for mini tune-up or repair

my favorite MiniWorld Crew car....complete build with performance parts
Some historical value
the best modified Mid-Engine R1 mini for 14,500pound....i wish SOGO had this sale

2nd magazine Soft Porn Mag/Super Street May'10 cost around RM10.90
feature and news that make me but this magazine

they start playing OldskOol at younger age




the famous face in car blogging


here the s o f t p O r n section
what a happy ending of a magazine

thanx to my wife after changing the package we subscribed to this channel 734 on ASTRO TV working 10hours daily

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