Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I end the Saturday Night Fever around 4.30am with after sealing the car in garage
on next Sunday mOrning...8.30am...went out for a breakfast with my friend
plan is to service his car for Penang trip on next day...and change the center muffler as it to loud
its the sign that u are getting old...need to low-down the exhaust tone while cruising with chicks
as usual...we went to favourite place since i start drivin 12yrs ago...the price quite reasonable....
picture here with another early bird.....a Honda Type-R...collecting muffler for his friends
 that place is quite horror....and Ah.Seng still using the ol'd ramp...and nowdays...most jobs is done by his son
we opt for oval/square muffler with block pipes...yes the power will restrict...
but its not an issue anymore....main aim is comfort driving
it was a quick i got wedding to attend in the afternoon & 2 other function in the evening
very tiring weekends for me...but worth few memories written in my life diary

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