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Monday, December 12, 2011

site-visit @ wanian.motorsport

here a shop visit on Wanian Motorsport last friday night
thanks for Sam Miniworks for taking me to this place
we safely arrive at Meru around 11.30pm...plan...??
Sam need to prepare wiring works on Saim/Wanian race car
it was a last minute work as the race is on 10.12.2011 night
the place is big & few minis in process of building
here is the race car....
my car with sam ride
Uncle Khazin other mini
  mini in restoration process in the shop
the owner chatting with Uncle Khazin bout the good ol'days
 other mini arrive around 2.00am to support
 i left at 3.00am...leaving the Sam & Wanian's complete their appointment in 8.00am next morning

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